Use these 10+ Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas to skyrocket your engagement!

10+ Creative Instagram Posts Ideas

Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas over the years has evolved from sharing cats photos and selfies to showing off photography skills and doing business over Instagram. Presenting to you 10+ creative Instagram posts ideas!

Now you may wonder what to post on Instagram to grow your account?

More Followers are always welcome, aren’t they? Actually Not!

Here are the Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas secret guys,

Your growth depends on your posts and how you engage with your community!

For better engagement with your followers, you need the best content on your account.

There are different kinds of Instagram posts. They could be selfies, trip experiences, memes and what not. People love to post about their pets, lifestyles, and also show off their luxuries on Instagram.

Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas

Instagram is for everyone.

Instagram lets people tell their stories, insights, opinions and bring out their creativity to the world through photos/videos.

As Instagram is updating its algorithms and introducing new features like stories, stickers, and multiple accounts, it is calling for excellent content. Because, it ALWAYS comes down to quality content!

Sometimes you may run out of ideas and may not be able to know what to post on Instagram.

Everyone wants to be unique, different and yet beautiful.

So here I am, all set to help you out with some creative Instagram posts ideas that you can use for your next Instagram photo!

Here are 10+ Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas You Can Use:

1. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Sharing Behind-The-Scenes!

Why people follow you on Instagram?

If you get the answer to this question, you will surely get success on Instagram. It’s the same as understanding your potential customers’ need!

Your followers follow you to know more about you, your lifestyle and your daily chores.

Whether you are doing business on Instagram or using it for personal reasons, you can post a behind the scenes picture of your life. That’s what people like!

Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas

Here’s an Example of a Business Account and some Behind the scenes!

2. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Facts/Statistics of Relevant Industry!

People love facts!

Facts are proved to be genuine, and people believe them. If you are business, you must share relevant facts or statistics with your followers.

For personal account, You can also share a general fact about your hobby!

Here’s another example of an account which shared his daily stats:

3. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Re-Posting Followers Posts

If you think why should I Re-post an ordinary followers picture, then you are missing a great deal!

People go crazy when a brand Re-posts their picture!

It not only increases engagement on your profile but also creates an impression in your follower’s mind to post pictures for your brand in expectation of Re-post.

You can further setup hashtag contest and ask followers to post content with your Hashtags!

Let me tell you, Engagement of people on Instagram is greatest among all the other social networks!


Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas

NOTE: Please ask the owner before Re-posting or else your content may get reported even if you give credits! 

4. Memes!

Memes! We are truly living the era of memes!

From ordinary people to celebrities, the meme era has affected everyone. If you post meme related to your niche, this can do wonders.

Check the meme below!

Imagine if some Cases and Covers account posts this picture!

Engagement will surely skyrocket!

Also it may lead to sales. LOL!

6. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Promoting Products

Brands do it well. Promoting their products to their loyal followers. If you promote too much, your followers may end up unfollowing you!

Trust me, shoutouts and promotions are engagement killers. You yourself would have observed difference in engagement level when you post your picture and when you promote product/account.

I suggest keeping a ratio of 6:1 that is 6 natural posts and one promotional/shoutout post.

In this way, your followers won’t be spammed with products and endorsements. But there’s a way to do promote products properly without irritating your followers..

I will illustrate this with an example:

7. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Eye-Catching Videos

Videos are the next big thing! Sorry!! It has always been BIG!

How much time do you spend on Youtube?

Probably the most after Instagram! Videos are catchy and interactive.

If you are a brand and not using videos for promotion, you are missing the real engagement of your followers.

If you can’t afford to make a good video, here are some tools that you can just make a slideshow of your recent pictures and post it as a video.

You can also use Boomerang and get creative!

Some tools of trade:

I just love this account! They just kill it with their video content.

PRO TIP for videos:

One solution for getting professional videos online:

8. Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas Time lapse Videos

You all know about time-lapse! If you are into events, you can shoot a great time-lapse video through your camera or mobile.

It’s again a great medium to boost engagement on Instagram.

As you know, recently Instagram has increased video length to 60 seconds from 15 seconds. So there’s plenty of time window to take advantage of!

Best Creative Instagram Posts Ideas


9. Gifs

We see a lot of gifs on Facebook and Imgur. Gifs are nothing but short video clips.

If you are running out of ideas, you can post funny gifs to entertain your followers.

One of the account that best utilizes this strategy

10. Contests and Giveaways!

We all love giveaways. You might have seen many contests on Instagram. By hosting competitions, you can ask your followers to like, comment and tag your friends in your instagram posts.

Also nowadays people are asked to repost the contest photo and Instagram captions.

NOTE: You want to have some financial backing to run giveaways and contests. No one would be interested in participating in competitions where there’s no prize for the winner!

11. Promoting your other social accounts or website!

Instagram is suitable for most of the businesses. Be it fitness, health, consultation, or luxury. There comes a time when you want to direct your followers to do business with them.

This could mean signing them up for a company newsletter, making product sales or generating leads for further business.

You can simply post a picture and ask your followers to follow you on your favorite social platform where your potential business is!

12. Motivational Quotes

The last kind of post you can do is posting motivational quotes!

Everyone loves to get motivated, work hard and fulfill their dreams in life. A simple quote can trigger the emotional side of your follower, and you can get proper engagement!

Make sure you use them sparingly as Instagram is full of quote/motivational accounts!

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