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How to attract a person you like

How to attract a person you like

How to attract a person you like: Liking a person doesn’t need any reason. You may like anyone just for her sweet smile, the way she talks or any other gesture that may attract you. On the other hand, you can not make someone like you forcefully. To attract someone to like you requires some traits to adopt, you just need to be positive in your gestures. Interactions and in your values will give you the long-term value of being liked by that person.

Be a fun lover

Modern life is full of woes and worries. Every person is facing some kind of problem or others. They seek refuge in pleasure or in fun from these conflicts. Be lightheaded in the company of that person you want to attract to like you. Even be open to making silly jokes like a child who does childish acts without any fear. Enjoy the time full of pleasure by watching a movie or going on a long drive, spending more time with her will bring you closer and let you know about each other. The kind of comfort you are providing will relax her and she will feel free to share her feelings with you.


A confident personality is always the centre of attention for all. The way you carry your dress, the way you interact with others and the way you move around in a gathering may inspire and attract others. Manifest your personality honestly and confidently with all of your flaws. Always be open to express your opinion freely. You are an independent with different views and feelings. Try to maintain your individuality. This will boost your confidence and will attract the person to like you.

 Be in love yourself

Know what you’re doing and focus your own self rather than flattering others to seek their attention. Depict your personality a strong one with energy. Never show your inclination towards a single person, keep on moving and interacting with others as well. Your self-reliance will make your personality an attractive one.

Be a good listener

Listening to others is another way to attract them to like you. Paying head, having eye contact and random questioning can show your interest towards them. By being a good listener, you will come across the thoughts, feelings and interests of the person you want to attract to like you. This is the way you will know about the person’s feelings about you.

Keep an eye contact

Keeping eye contact while conversing with each other will not only convey your interests and attraction to each other but will keep the other person under the spell of your likeness. Sometimes eye contact and passing smile work more strongly than words. Eye contact expresses the true feelings and sincerity of your words.

Look charming

No doubt, when you want to attract a person to like you, you have to attract her with your looks. You have to focus on your looks, your dressing, your styling and even your body. Your muscular body will reflect you as a strong man the will catch her attention immediately. Your appearance let other people know about you, how disciplined and hygienically clean you are.

Be Determined

Your determination to accomplish your goal makes you a successful person. If you are truly determined, your mind will make you disciplined. You will move accordingly and will work with enthusiasm. This energy will remove all the obstacles from your way. You will never think to give up challenges or obstacles which can distract you from your way. Never lose hope, get up again with full energy and focus your target to attract the person to like you.

Be Realistic

Living with the feeling of arrogance gives you the satisfaction that means you have accomplished your goal of life. Never be stagnant. Keep on moving by setting higher aims to achieve. Be realistic. Your achievements are purely for your own self. Be down to earth and listen to others. By this, you will know more about others resulting in strong bonding. 

Be Emotional

Your emotions are the feeling of love for your family or for your loved one. These emotions secure relations when you support them morally and financially. The feelings of love and security you share with each other will let the people be around you in your whole life. When you are satisfied in your life with all your relations, conflict and bitterness will never move you away from your path of success. Your smooth and easy-going life will attract others to like you.

Admire your values

By spending time together, you come across a lot of discussions on different issues. Be confident about your values and morals. You should be strong enough to satisfy them rather than getting convinced by them. You should stand by your own beliefs whether you have to disagree with them. Do all this in a respective manner. Your attitude will be attracted by others and they will like you.

Be available 

The feeling of your availability for that special person will bring her closer to you. Be there when she needs you and give a quick response to her calls. Interact regularly that will develop your relationship into a strong one.

Be Concerned

Showing your concerns for a person in the relationship is very important. Making the other person feel being valued may attract her to like you. Show your concern in tackling the problems in her life and by adding little nice things, you can fill pleasure in her life. Even you can bring her out of a dull and drab day with your lively conversation. Make her feel your concern for her, definitely, she will show hers.

Fascinating her

Definitely, everyone has something that fascinates others. It may be your intelligence, your humour, your kind heart or your enchanting personality. You can attract others by these things easily. But you can attract others to like you by making them feel their fascinating personality. Assure her that she is attractive and you are fascinated by her personality. You can make her feel this by doing little gestures of showing your pleasure in her company by flirting her lively and even bypassing smile. The outcome will be in your favour.

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