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How to beat a womans mind games

How to beat a womans mind games

How to beat a womans mind games. Women play any kind of mind game and definitely, there is a purpose behind every game. Some want to control their relationship and others’ intention is to make men chase them. When a woman steps out, she is mentally ready to come across every kind of man. She judges quickly and plays mind games accordingly. By knowing the real reason behind the game, you easily beat her games.

How do you beat a woman’s mind game? Seeks for Men sight

The very first game starts even before sharing words with each other is assurity of that he is chasing her. They play so safely and gain attention by showing /pretending that she is not interested at all. Women don’t even make the men feel that they are looking at them and on the other hand seek men to look at them. They play this game of hiding and seek till their first meeting. Mostly they pretend to be busy on their phones or reading books while looking at the men same time. If you are facing the same situation, try to realize the reality that women often play this game. Let her play but make sure you should not gaze at her too much until you meet her.

How to beat a womans mind games Be Equally Responsive

You must be aware of the fact that when you approach a woman, in the beginning, she will test you in many ways. She will play games to check her safety to seek your attention or to show her importance in a relationship. Once you know that you are being played and played why would become easy to catch the situation. Do not feel bad for being played by others rather try to know the reason for being played. It would become easy for you to find out the real cause behind every mind game. Suppose you know she is playing mind games to seek your attention and her thirst will grow until she gains it. The best way to beat her mind games, give her attention.

Show your strength

Being agreed on the same point is not possible every time and it’s a woman’s instinct to do what they want and operate others accordingly. For this purpose, they may incorporate mind games to make you compromise on what you are standing firm. Once you fall into her mind games, you will lose control of your relation. You will not be attracted by her and your weakness will be obvious to her. Women are good observers and will play mind games where they are weak. The only way to beat her mind games is to show your strength. Once you lose control, you will never regain it.

Be Influential

Mind gaming is a part and parcel technique in this modern era and in every field of life whether it’s professional or political life. How do we not expect mind gaming in a relationship? In every relationship, there is one who is dominant or influential. It’s up to you to decide who would be dominant. Do not be irritated on knowing about her mind games. Sometimes women show the least interest in a relationship with you. Just step back and show your influential personality. If she is interested, she would never lose this great gentleman.

Be confident

We all get inspired by the confidence of a person even meeting for the first time. It’s also woman’s nature that they like confident men who are worthy enough to be admired. It gives the true feeling of safety and security. Most of the women play mind games to assess what kind of person they are. Some women are so sharp that they apply different mind games to gain your attention. For this, they meet other men as well just to make you put more effort to be around her. Some men fall into this mind game and work harder than others to get her. But these efforts do not work, if you are confident and aware of your worth, you will beat her mind games. Move away from there. She will definitely come and will come with the feeling of security as you displayed yourself as a confident person in front of her.

Developing understanding

Developing understanding is the first step one must take in a relationship. Sitting together and discussing every fact you face is the better option to beat a woman‘s mind game. Most women are overwhelmed by the fantasy of a relationship and this fantasy take them towards intimacy. It’s better for you to make aware of the vicious side of this intimacy and seduction. Once you follow this rule, she will trust you more than ever before. She will be attracted to you and will feel secure with you.

Maintaining individuality

Every person is unique that differs him from others. Some people are good looking, others are well dressed. Some people have the art of speaking. Some people become the centre of attention among a crowd and this is the art of using words that make them different and naturally women are attracted towards them. You can portray whatever you want to, according to the situation. Even your this ability can charge a spell on her and you can control her mind and mind games. This art can make her comfortable sharing whatever she has in her mind. She will not even think about any game.

Ready to withdraw

Sometimes the mind games played by women create a disastrous situation in which men feel insecure and shady. Then the only way left is to withdraw. This is the way to secure your confidence and value in the situation when she played too many games. A better solution is to let her go. Sometimes women use you to achieve a specific purpose of gaining the attention of others or to make them jealous while being with you. Focus on your confidence, your self-esteem and your value rather than to combat her evil mind game. By doing this you will be attracted by others emotionally. Women always play games, fairly or unfairly. It’s up to you how you beat those mind games by playing a positive role or by moving back.

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